College Information System Project

College Information System Project in Java is completely a web-based software system which mainly helps to the Administration department in an Engineering College.

College Information System Project


The administration module mainly includes the services like masters, transactions, queries and reports. Here student details like student qualification details, personal details, address details, fee details, hostel details, transport details etc; are been maintained in the database. The course details related to course master helps in maintaining different courses available in the college. The fee been paid in different ways are sent into different accounts, which is maintained under fee & account master.    

The hostel related data like hostel name, its corresponding mess fee & accommodation fee is maintained under the hostel master service. Allocating hostel room to the particular student comes under the service of hostel allotment module. Allocation busses to particular routes & also the allocating student to particular bus number comes under the category of transport master service.

Transaction service includes regular fee, T.C issue details etc, Queries include fee details, transport details, accommodation details, building details. Reports help in generating the list of data related to Certificates, birthday greetings, identity cards, hostel vacated list etc;

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  College Information System Modules:

  1. Login
  2. Masters
  3. Transactions
  4. Queries
  5. Reports.

Login :

         Each user should be login & Registered to the system. Enter the details on these Login page. After the user logs in a menu page consisting of masters, transactions, queries and reports is generated.


          It provides facility for the college administration department to manage the information regarding the accounts, transport, courses, fees, allotments regarding hostels, route/bus and admissions.


         It provides the flexibility for the management in issuing TC’s , considering the fee refunds, fee collections, creating users for the system by assigning them with a an user name and password, and to reset the passwords if needed.


         It provides support for managing the details regarding various modules like accommodation, Transport, building and fees.


         It provides support for generating various reports regarding the student details, fee reports, certificates, TC issue details, identity cards, Birthday Greetings and so on.

Download College Information System Project Source Code in Java

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