Code Coverage Project in Java

Tool is designed by using java language. This Code Coverage Project is divided into following phases

1. Resource files generation

2. Instrumentation

3. Profiling

4. Visualization

Code Coverage Project

1.      Resource files generation:

As explained in literature review, Resource File contains all information regarding location of project class path, referenced files and the class files which are going to be instrumented & executed. Earlier Pearl Builder was required to create the resource files. So we have written the java programs to generate the resource file. This is required in all the remaining phases of project design. These files are available in two format

1. Simple Text Format

2. XML Format

both of the above mentioned formats contain the same structural components.

(2) Instrumentation:

InsECT is ready made open source tool. The script programs to run InsECT is built   and working under Linux. To make the tool platform independent we can’t use existing Linux working scripts. So we consider only the source code of InsECT and modified it to work under Eclipse plug-in which is platform independent for Eclipse.  InsECT saves the coverage information in bits file. Our job is to extract this information & dump it in simpler files like XML files.

(3) Profiling:

In this stage the InsECT profiling informative files are dumped in the XML format. These XML files are then read which are used for the visualization purpose. The generated XML files are





As the XML files are generated and are operated for the visualization purpose project becomes portable and any Instrumentor can be used for instrumentation.

4) Visualization:

To locate faults, developers must identify statements involved in failures and select suspicious statements that might contain faults. The technique uses color to visually map the participation of each program statement in the outcome of the execution of the program with a test suite, consisting of both passed and failed test case.

Considering the flow of development of project, we implemented Spiral Model

of Software Development Life Cycle. Since we need to understand InsECT in deep, generate Resource File, extract the instrumentation information & give it to visualization. If something happens wrong or output is wrong, we need to back track & trace everything done so far. Implementing this model risk involved in developing the tool as eclipse plug-in is minimized. We considered everything as separate module, make it flexible to integrate reducing integration time & coupling between the modules

Download Code Coverage Project in Java

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