Electronic Ticket Machine Project

Electronic ticket machine is designed to reduce time for giving tickets in buses, parking lots, billing systems..etc.  Electronic ticket machine save time while giving ticket in local buses. In existing system manual method is used where conductor will carry 1.5 ticket racks for giving tickets. This application is already implemented in Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other bus transport departments.

electronic ticket machine Project

Features in Electronic Ticket Machine Project:

User can enter details of bus trip and stops names with ticket rates updated to system.

By just pressing code for a station automatic bill will be generated with cost details,  source and destination station details.

Automatic calculation of total tickets sales for a day and gives print out.

Electronic Ticket Machine project is developed in five modules

Bus Route Management:

         For Electronic Ticket machine entering route details are compulsory. Based on details updated to this module bill generation is depended.

Trip Details:

         In this module a single journey details are stored with ticket numbers on each ticket. Based on these records electronic ticket machine can give records of each journey.

Bus Details:

          While generating electronic ticket bus number should be printed on ticket. This module stores information about bus.

Bus Stop:

         Information about bus stops are stored and distance between each stop is maintained in this module.

Bus Ticketing:

         This is important module for storing fares. These fares are printed on ticket while giving to passengers.

Download Electronic Ticket Machine Project Report.

Electronic Ticket Machine Project Report Covers

  • System study and analysis
  • Existing and proposed system Information
  • System Design (database design)
  • Conclusion and Future Enhancements

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