Wearable Computers Seminar Report

Wearable Computers seminar topic explains about latest technologies in small computers.Now days the technology has become so advanced that many small computers are developed and they are still on an increasing rate. Wearable computers are these computers that can be used while moving from one place to another. This is the only technology that is used in health monitoring system, behavioral modeling system and in the information system.

Wearable Computers

This is the technology that is more flexible than any other technology like laptops and tablets. By using this technology we can have access to any information at any time in this world from anywhere. In this technology when the user interact with the system it automatically accurate the information related to the user. The environment in the surrounding of the system also affects the system very much. This wearable computer technology can be configured according to the need of the specific application.

Wearable Computers History:

The wearable computer was developed in 1500’s. The first wearable computers are like a watch and the modern wearable computer was come into noticed in 1960’s.

Purpose: - there are many people in this world that can many work while walking so this technology was developed. Much advancement in the technology of the hardware, software and the communication has changed the way of communication.

Wearable computer is nothing but a device that is very small and very light to carry anywhere and can be worn on any human body without giving any problem to the human. It is not like the laptop or tablets. This wearable computer can be consisting of either battery or with the human power.

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Looking: - A Wearable computer is just look like a garment that any human wears. The motherboard of the computer is inside the garment and all the component of the computer is placed at different parts of the body such as in shoes or at back.

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