Medical Store Inventory System in C++

Final Year Computer science project on medical store inventory system in C++ with source code for free download. Medical store inventory system is developed for full filling requirements for both general store and medical store.  For providing security for application password is used for performing any operations to the application. User can modify , edit or delete password basing on his usage.

medical store inventory system in C

Medical store inventory system project can be used for mini and major project for CSE, IT, MCA, BCA students.

Platform Development:

Medical inventory system in java platform can also be developed . In this post we provide source code in C++. 

Project title: Medical Store Inventory System in C++ 

Project source code Download

Download source code

 Author about Medical Store Inventory System Project:

               I developed this project as part of my college mini project. Main intention for designing this project is to cover important topics in C and C++. Medical Inventory C++ project covers strings, data structure, loops, functions, data hiding, encapsulation, call be reference, call by value, pointers and arrays.

               This project had given me overall idea on system and architecture for developing a software application. Students who want to gain good knowledge on C++ can use this project as reference for college examination.

Advantages and Disadvantages: 

Comparing to existing medical system this inventory system will be best option for maintaining data. Data is secured and time taken for serving customer will be less. It is easy to check stock availability and search for product in store. 

When comes to Disadvantages in designing medical store inventory system application it is not fully automated. It does not cover high level features for storing large amount of billing and stock details. 

Future Scope:

              As we provide a basic mini project with few modules students can add future modules like storing large amount of data.  Automatic billing system, Informing stock updates when stock in medical store is less.

Medical Store Management System project Report

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