Inventory Management System Project in C++

Project Titled “ Inventory management system project”  is a simple C++ project for computer science students. In this project we provide basic functionality for managing stock and sales.

Project Aim:

Main objective of inventory management system is to design a simple C++ project through which we can enter customer information, stock details, Item details and store data.

inventory management system project

Inventory management system Project Functionality:

Download inventory management. Rar file from download link

Open Inventory.cpp file in c compiler and run code.

Application shows 3 options

Enter 1 to add new sales

Enter 2 to view to existing records

Enter 3 to exit application

After entering 1 you need to enter customer name, how many items customer purchased, enter item name, cost of the item, quantity of item.

Enter transaction details

          Enter total cash given in rupees :

          Total cash paid in rupees:

In order to view existing records enter 2 it will show entire details of data that is entered.

For exiting application enter 3. 


Developing this application by adding more modules with user friendly graphical user interface will be useful.

Time and cost for managing will be decreased.

Paper work will be reduced.

Work efficiency will be increased.

As data is stored in database security for data is increased and easy to access old records.

Manual work is decreased which will reduce cost of management. 

Download Inventory management system in C++ source code. 

Students information: 

This  project is useful for students to gain basic knowledge on C++ coding and understanding concepts like loop statements, variable declaration.

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