Online School Admission Management System Project

Online School Admission Management System Project is designed in asp.net programming language. Students can download full project report with data flow diagram and flow chart.

Online School Admission Management System Project Objectives:

Computerized System is efficient and accurate then manual so this system is very accurate and reduces manual works. 

Save the time and make the work easy for desk user

The school will provide a safe & secure environment

 The school administration, faculty, students and parents will be key drivers of a good school community

 The school will facilitate the holistic development of the child

The school will provide the environment which fosters independent thinking, creativity, decision making and critical analysis.

The school will help the child to grow into a competent learner and confident communicator.

 It will Provides the good GUI And Maintains the whole information about School.

Main objective of this website is let multiple information such as principal, faculty, student, management, examination, standard and extra activity of school.

Admin side can change easily all school information like password, standard information, faculty, management etc.

Provide the facility like send mail to faculty and principal

The system can allow the administrator to select the unnecessary information and delete them from the database. Here administrators have total control on Site; he can delete or edit information.

 It is fraud protected because each work is done on computer so machine will never make fraud. 

 It will easily used and the time consuming is decreased. 

It can reduce paper work. 

This system is web-base application, so all people of world can access it from any where.

  Expected Advantages 

  • Computerized School Management System is better and accurate than manual School Management system. 
  • Accuracy and security can be maintained easily. 
  • It can handle all information of the students and staff member. 
  • It is web-base system so Users use it any where and any time. 
  • It can provide more facilities for students and staff to get result, to know Activity, events, etc. 
  • The most advantage is, administrator can easily change data or information, also it enters and appends the data any time.

Download Online School Admission Management System Project Report

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