Mutual Fund Management System Project

                      The Mutual Fund Management System Project provides information about daily NAV details, dividend detail, maintain portfolio, user/group wise watch list, and provides various types of reports. In this system the process of registration is very secure and other aim of this system is provide report of their sale and purchase mutual fund. In this system SMS & Email service for client is core part of the system. 

  •  Scope of  System
    • Types of Users:


 Register User

Non-Register User

  • Modules

 Admin Module

1.  Login

Admin first login & registration and manage the all data which it will inserted.

2.  Add Master Information

Admin add all master information like daily NAV, Company information which will launch its new MF, Dividend, Company detail etc.

3.  Manage Feedback

Admin manage all feedback which user write on the favour of websites and user will show selected feedback to the user.

4.  Restricted to Particular user

Admin can restrict the particular user who will not login for more than time or insert a wrong data.

5.  Manage All User Information

Admin manage all the information which the user will show daily. 

Register User

1.     Register

User first register on this websites to store its data.

2.     Login

Then user can login using its Id & password and first it will see the its profile. 

3.     Add Purchase Portfolio

User can add the purchase mutual fund information.

4.     Add Sales Portfolio

User can add the sales mutual fund information.

5.     Add SIP Portfolio

User can add the SIP mutual fund information on every month regularly which fund type is SIP.

6.     Switch to other scheme

  User can add switch mutual fund info. Which will switch one scheme to another scheme.

 7.     Create new group

User creates a group to store the information in grouping.

8.     Give Feedback

  Admin manage all feedback which user write on the favour of websites and user will show selected feedback to the user. 

Non-Register User

Non-register user show only satic type data like what is mutual fund?, types of mutual fund?, mutual fund history etc. and it will also give the feedback.

Download Mutual Fund Management System Project Documentation, Database, Screen Shots.

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