Asp.Net Defect Tracking System Project

Inside Software company there is need of system which helps in tracking errors in code. Defect tracking system project is designed for handling day to day errors that are tracked while testing modules.  This application is a web application which is visible inside organization.

This system consists of three main features notifying employees using Email, maintaining user’s information, generating reports and user access control.

Testing team will update defects in code on daily basis which is updated to respective team for rectifying issues.  In Defect tracking system records are maintained in database with status information like fixed, pending or extended. It is easy to manage past records and track details of person who fixed a issue with time stamp and date.

Advantages of Using Tracking System:

  • Bug information is maintained in database. IT is easy to retrieve any record based on time and date
  • Updates on issues are notified through mail, there is no need of manual interaction.

Defect tracking software application is designed with fully integrated customer relation management and content management system.

Bug Tracking System Database Details:

We provide defect tracking system.bak, defect tracking system. LDF and defect tracking system.MDF files with sql script.

defect tracking system project

There are seven modules in this software

Administrator: Admin will look after maintenance, add, delete or modify information.

Operational Administrator:  Operational admin look after operational work.

Operator:  Using these module users can update latest bug’s information on daily basis and notify to users by sending mails

Defect Tracking: In this module users can search for defects and know latest and old bugs updated in database

Search:  Using this module we can search for old records and know status of bugs.

Reports: Users can generate report for every bug that is updated to system

Registration and Authentication: This module provides security to system by allowing users to register with application.

Software Requirements:

Front End : Asp.Net ( C# programming language)

Back End: MS SQL Server

Stages in developing this project:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing

Download Defect Tracking System project Asp.Net Source Code 

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