Crime Information Management System Project

Project details for crime information management system are explained in this project description. Main objective is to design a integrated software application with attendance management system, payroll management system and crime file management system in to single application for police department. 

Crime information management system

Project Introduction:

Police departments need good communication system for handling criminals information, citizens complaints, FIR details, pending case details. All these details at present are maintained manually. 

In order to make this work computerized we designed a crime information system which will handle all these works and provide solution for information sharing between various police stations. 

This software have various advantages like fast processing of case, updating progress of cases and informing to citizens about case details. 

Project Requirements:

VB.Net is the programming language useful for developing project.

Admin must able to update, delete, modify details from to database.

Report generation module for all modules.

Must be user friendly and one module should navigate to other related module from same form. 

Future Scope:

We can add more modules like online management system which is useful for updating data through online. Citizens from any location can raise complaint by giving mobile numbers. Online information sharing through out the county. 

Download Crime File management System Project Source code. 

From reference links students can find related asp.net, java, project source code and documentation. 

Useful Links: 

Online Crime Investigation System Project

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