Call Center Management System Project

Call center management system project is designed in Asp.Net programming language. Main objective of this software is to help customers to get quality support from support team by designing a efficient communication system between employees in side office.

Call Center Management System

Call Center Management System Project in Asp.Net

This application is a intranet and internet based software which is easy to install and provides automation of call center.

Project Importance:

Call centers requires efficient communication system for sharing information between employees and customers. There is need of management software like hospital management system, insurance management system..etc which will reduce manual work and improve standard of communication and data management.

Along with communication there are other modules like payroll management, customer relation management which will help call center human resource team to maintain employees details.

Project advantages:

Manual work will be reduced and entire system will be automated.

Integration of payroll and employee details in to single software will reduce manual work.

Easy to use and cost required for maintenance is also less.

Data is secured and easy to retrieve old records.

Youtube video link to view dfd, context diagram, sequence diagram.


Software requirement:

This project can be designed in java and asp.net languages using oracle database as back end. Students can also download source code from below links.

Modules Over view:

List of modules in this project are Registration module, Customer contact module, payroll management, employee relation management.

Download Call center Management System Project

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