DVD Video Rental System Project

DVD Video Rental System Project is designed for shops which sell DVD and gives rents on daily basis. This project is implemented in Asp.Net  using Mysql database.

Video Rental System

DVD Video Rental System Project

Video Rental System Synopsis:

In present software trend most of the companies and small shops and showrooms are using management software for reducing work and improving standard of billing procedure and managing customers information. There are many applications like mobile showroom management, boutique management system which are helping to reduce manual work and human resource.

This application is useful for handling customers information, cash and sales management, party entry details, order calendar, bill printing, rental plans, sales and order details, customer support through email service.

Software and Hardware Requirement:

Front End Design: Asp.Net using C# programming language

Back End Database: MYSQL

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List of contents in Project File:

Calendar sample source code

Design forms for DVD Rental System

Stock Inventory Module Design with source code

Project Advantages:

DVD Video Rental System software reduces manual work and helps administration to manage records in database.

Easy to find old records and search feature to find old records

Report generation module will help to analyze transactions and sales for every month and year.

Customer rental details are updated using calendar which will allow user to set time and date when DVD are taken and received.

Download Sales and Rental System Project Source Code in Asp.Net 

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