Social Networking Website Project in Asp.Net

Social Networking website projects are trending topics for college students for developing as education project. Face book, twitter like social networking sites are designed with different concepts, basic concept for every social networking websites is to share information between friends, relations, send friend requests, add friends to list.

social networking Website

Design Aspects:

Designing websites should cover technical aspects like security, client side programming and server side scripting, designing application security…etc. We can design social networking projects in various programming languages based on our requirement (asp.net, java, php).

 Features in Social Networking Site:

Using this website uses can share information and exchange their views.

Registration: User is provided with secured registration process. User should enter personal details which are shown in profile and upload profile photo.

Profile View: Users can modify, delete, add details in profile after log in to account.

Search Friends:  Search features helps users to find friends based on name, location, job..etc and send friends requests.

Scrap book: This is similar to that of posting on wall in face book. User can share this information with friends.

Image Gallery: Users can upload images to gallery and set permissions for visibility option (public, private).

Youtube video link for project over view


Advantages of System:

Performance: This website will provide user friendly interface for using various features and easy navigation from one form to other.

Security: Social networking sites need high security for managing users personal information. This project takes all security measures for controlling illegal access.

Efficiency: Efficiency and simplicity are important for networking sites for handling various types of entries according to user choice.

Control: Total website control is under administrator there are no chances of normal user to view secured information. Admin can control various types of operations from back end.

Download Social Networking Website Project in Asp.Net 

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