Payroll Management System Project Database Design and Source Code

Payroll Management system project is implemented to handle employees salary details for every organization. Payroll system can be implemented in ASP.Net, Java and visual basic. Application explained here is designed in asp.net using C# programming language for front end and SQL Server as database.

Payroll management system in java project source code is available for reference and download.

payroll management system project

Modules in Payroll System:

This application consists of three modules

Login Module: Using this module Employees can get unique username and password and login to payroll system.

Admin Module: In order to maintain employees salary information for adding or deleting .etc related functionalities from payroll system this module is used.

Functionality included in Admin Module:

  • Admin has full permissions to add, delete, modify employee details
  • Generate pay slip reports
  • Interact with employees through mail.

Employee Module: Employees can login in to payroll system and analyze salary details for every month and deduction status like loan, tax.

Functionality included in Employee module are

  • Mail interaction with administrator
  • Generate pay slip report
  • Managing profile

Students can refer to module design of payroll management system which is implemented in visual basic.

Features in Payroll Management System Project:

  • Firstly this application is a web based application. It is easy to access information from any location.
  • Data is managed in centralized database. Download Database design for this project.
  • It is easy to analyze different aspects which are included in salary. 

Software Requirement Specifications:

  • Coding Language: C# .NET
  • Technology used for Front End Desings: ASP .NET
  • Back end Database: SQL Server 2000

Download Payroll Management System project Source code in Asp.Net

Also Refer to: Payroll Accounting System

Useful Links:

Payroll Management System PPT

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