Online Mobile Shopping Project

Online Mobile Shopping project is implemented in eight modules. As the usage of internet users are increasing in each area from banking, shopping, transport ..etc mobile shopping will have scope for future development. In this project we explain about online web portal through which users can search for different mobile models and add selected mobiles to chart and buy through online.

online mobile shopping in asp.net

Mobile shopping project Advantages:

There is no need to go to shop to buy mobiles. Users can buy mobile from online which will save time and increase flexibility to buy from any place.

Users can get best cost quotes by searching from different sites and select cheapest mobile from mobile shopping list.

Easy to compare different company mobile phones costs through a single interface.

Scope of this Project:

Online shopping project provides solution for managing data in database where there will be no manual methods to manage data. It is easy to generate reports enter billing amount and also maintain customers information.

Modules in this Project:

Login Module:  User is provided with admin and user option in order to log in to system. Admin has permissions fro modifying any type of changes and user need to enter user name and password for logging in to system.

New User: User who is new to system need to register with website by filling registration form and get unique user name and password.

Product: Using this model user can compare different brands mobiles and admin can add, delete or modify mobile shopping chart.

Other modules in online shopping application are accessories, search, cart, payment, stocks. Project Report will guide students for developing, testing, and executing mobile shopping project.   

Data Flow Diagram:

online mobile shopping project

Mobile shopping data flow diagram gives a clear picture about interaction between software system and outside entities.  Here we provide Level 0 and Level 1 DFD diagram for clear understanding sequence of data flow.

Front End Design: This project is designed using Asp.Net ( MS visual studio 2008 version)

Back End Design: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Download online Mobile Shopping Project Source code 

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