Online Examination System Project Design in Asp.net and MS Access

Online examination system project software application is used to conduct exams on web for students who are located at different locations. We provide full project source code in Asp.net using MS Access database. 

online examination system project

Project Introduction: 

In present trend students are familiar with internet applications and students can easily understand how to open applications install applications and solve problems. Considering this improvement conducting exams though online is best method to save time, improve standard of examination, allowing many students to take exams at a single time and students from any location can give test. 

Project Explanation: 

Admin is the primary user for this application who has rights to modify, delete and enter examination details.

Initially Administrator need to add test questions in to database by selecting type of difficulty level and based on the answers submitted by user respective marks are calculated and displayed to user these details are also stored in admin database table. 

There are totally four levels of difficulty tests from level 1 to level 4. Users should login to application by registering with the system and get unique user name and password. 

Advantages of Online Examination System Project:

  • Students from any location with internet facility can write exam.
  • No need to wait for result, results will be displayed as soon as test is completed.
  • Cost for conduction test is reduced and in short time large number of students can take test.
  • Risk factor for students to attend examination halls will be reduced.

Download online examination system project asp.net source code. 

Requirements for Project Implementation:

Application must be user friendly with simple to use graphical user interface.

Students must understand how to answer question in best method.

Students should have option to select difficulty level.

Asp.net and Ms Access must to front end and back end database. 

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