Online Advertising Project Using Asp.Net

Online advertising Project is a software application designed to full fill different activities of advertising agency.  In present trend marketing is important aspect in selling products to users. In present situation online advertising is a best option to reach users.

In order to provide best service to Sponsors online advertising software application is required. This system is designed to cover relation management system, selling and buying management and sales promotion.

online advertisement project

Features Included in Advertising Project:

Managing ads will be simple with self design features.

We can design banners with rotation, Advertisement will be automatically refreshed,

Users can view real time statistics on advertisement.

Users can log in to advertising area and purchase ads.

Technologies used for Online Advertising System:

Graphical user interface, Front End is designed using Asp.Net, C# programming language.

SQL Server is used for back end database and stored procedures are used for layered banner design.

This project comes with full database design. Sample.bak, sample.mdf and sample_log.ldf files are available for database.

Online advertising system project can also be implemented in java programming language with similar requirements.

Advertising project Modules Explanation:

Administrator module:  Admin will have permissions to maintain sponsors data, advertising details, billing details.

Registration Module:  Users should register with application to communicate with advertising agency for online advertising their products.

Report Generation Module: Using this module uses can generate reports on advertisement details or payment details.

Download Online Advertising System Project Abstract, Source Code in Asp.net.

This project is also implemented in java platform which can be used as reference for this project.

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