Implementing Institute Management System Project

Institute Management System project is developed to manage information of institutes using a online portal. This application is designed and implemented in ASP.NET and SQL Server. This application will help students to easily access different kinds of education, administration and placement related information from any place.

institute Management System

Main objective for implementing this project is to provide a automated application where a single application can provide every information which will be helpful for students. In present scenario most of the education institutes work on manual method where data security and retrieving old data is not easy. Implementing Institute management system project will overcome these problems and provide secure and efficient model for institutes for managing student’s data.

Video link for DFD and flow chart diagrams

Project Title:

Online Institute management system / web based or Institute Management system.

Project which is provided here is updated regularly and latest features are added to the application. This project can be used as mini or major project for MCA, BCA,BSC,IT and CSE students which is a good idea for implementing as academic project.

Design Specifications:

Front End : ASP.Net 2005 ( C# programming language)

Back End : MA Access 2005 (database)

Skills Requirement:

In order to implement these application students must have good knowledge on Asp.net C# programming language and SQL server.

Download Institute Management System Project

Useful Information:

  • In this application Razor is used which is a server side markup language. Razor supports both Visual Basic(VB) and C sharp( C#).
  • This project is totally implemented in C# language which is a case sensitive and semicolon is used for ending every C# statement.
  • Var is used for declaring variables in C# programming language.

Data flow diagram and flow chart will give over view for designing and understanding architecture of this project.

data flow diagram

PPT Presentation

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