Electronic Document Management System Project

Electronic document management system software provided here explains about web based content management through which we can organize different tasks which are required for hosting content on website.

Document management projects are useful in companies, business solutions, for processing work in side organization. Here we provide project source code in asp.net using C# coding language.

Electronic Document Management System

Main modules in this application are managing content (hosting) and Viewing content. These modules are again divided in to many sub modules below we have explained about these sub modules.

Every hosting company provides a back end data management system for users for organization users mail, visitors information, database details, user accounts, approving content, editing submitted content. In this software we provide basic features required for web data management.

Here we explain how this application is useful and problems we face in web data management and provide solutions for handling in tough situations.

Asp.Net Project Module Details:

Content Creation and Hosting:

Before posting content to a web page there are four steps we follow in this software where each module is handled by skilled professionals.


     Content writers will submit well analyzed content on given subject and submit to next level for further editing.


 Content submitted by author will be in more words which should be edited by covering all important points.


Here specialists will analyze edited content and check and finalize for further processing.


Technical team will post content to web page and perform designing tasks.

Second module Content View:

In this module we place content to specific category (developer content, manager content and protected content)

Download Electronic document management system Project source code


Document Management system project can be integrated with content management system which will help organizations to perform different tasks from single software application.

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