Travel Management System

Travel management system asp.net project is a online web application through which users can book bus, flight and train tickets. This application is mainly designed for tourism management companies for easily managing tourist’s details and book tickets.

Future advancements in Travel Management System project:

Along with ticket booking we can add hotel bookings, food bookings, vehicle bookings. 

Detailed  explanation on modules , features, software and hardware requirements are provided in travel management system abstract.

Existing System:

In existing system travel management is done manually where travel agencies will contact hotels and different traveling agencies for booking hotels or vehicles. This method is a time taking process

Travel Management System Advantages:

One of the important feature of this application is it works online. Users can book using this application it will save time, reduce cost and provide planned traveling.

Using this application traveling agencies can give clear picture on fares and hotels and vehicles information.

Travel agency can generate Report on weekly and monthly basis on booking details. Which will give clear idea on booking status.

Requirements for implementing this project:

 Asp.Net using C# programming language is best option for developing this application.

Download Travel management system Project Source Code

Projects like airline ticket booking system is part of this application because using travel management system project we can even book flight tickets. This application is integration of hotel management, train ticket booking system, bus booking system.

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