Gym Management System Project

Gym management system project is a standalone user friendly software application developed in asp.net using C# programming language and MS access database.

Main objective:

Main idea behind developing this project is to manage different types of data in fitness center, gym. Using this software we can manage employee attendance details, members payments, daily attendance, present and absent days of employees and members. Along with these details gym equipment and payments details are also managed.

gym management system project

This software is easy to operate by person with minimum compute skills. Data is maintained in database which helps in retrieving information of specific query within seconds. This will help in providing accurate information for members , monthly payments , due payments and equipment purchase information.

Gym Management System Project Modules Description:

Equipment module: In this module we can add, delete, modify  gym equipment details like when it is purchased, license , expiry date..etc.

Instructor Module: This is also called as employee module where instructor profile details, experience, present and absent details for every day are updated. We can add , modify and delete these details,

Member Module: Details of members who are joined are maintained through this application. Members salary, present and absent days details, payment , due information are managed through this module.

Billing:  Billing module helps in generating bills for members, employees for every month and provide due payment details and we can generate reports for monthly billing.

Download project source code.

Advantages of gym system:

Fitness or gym system helps gym owners to accurately analyze different tasks involved in gym in short time.

Analyze monthly and yearly transactions and generate reports.

Provide better service to members by showing their attendance.

Download project report , documentation from below links.

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