Library Management System Abstract

Library Management System Abstract:

  • Introduction
  • system analysis
  • feasibility analysis
  • Hardware and software requirements

Library management system is a software application designed by considering basic needs that are required in library.  Abstract provided here for download provides detailed information on module description, existing and proposed system details with hardware and software details.

Operations that can be performed using this application are users can add new stock details about books and modify and update existing book details and users can search for books to find out stock availability.

            Library management system project is specially designed for windows operating system (32 bit). Java is programming language used with MS Access as database. Using java we had designed user friendly application where experienced and new users can also use with comfort. Report generation module helps librarian to generate reports based on books submission, payment details, pending submission details..etc

 Video link for project over view with screen shots.

 Module Description:

   Library management system project is divided in to four modules

Insertion module: Librarian can insert users information with books details and time and date of book issue.

Updating module: Existing details in the database can be modified using this module. After user submission data is modified in database.

Report generation module: Report generation module prints payment details, books stock details.

library management system abstract

Download Library Management System Abstract.

Final year BCA, MCA students can use this project for final year project. Detailed information with dfd, class diagram, sequence diagram are provided in SRS document.

Future Scope:

Adding SMS request and remembering users with SMS regarding date of submission and payment conformation will be helpful.

Users can also request books availability by sending SMS.

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