About us

projectseminar.org is hyderbad based company , We have 5 years experience in developing final year projects for ECE, CSE, IT, MCA, BCA, BSC students. We provide guidance for students to chose best topic for major and mini project.  We have collaboration with many institutes where you can buy ECE projects from online.

List of Projects We provide:

We provide major and mini final year projects on Asp.Net, Java, VB.Net , PHP, C++, C# for computer science students.

Embedded, IEEE, Micro controller, GPS, GSM,  related projects for Electronics students.

We guide students in full project training, documentation preparation with training classes on project. You can contact us for any guidance regarding doing final year project in institutes.

For any queries regarding buying projects  you can mail us at projectseminar.org{at}gmail.com. We will provide best support for developing projects.

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